Drop-off and Collection

Dripsey NS appreciates your support as we safely reopen the school building. If at all possible, we request you not to come into the school playground or into the school building unless it is essential. We appreciate that dropping off the Junior Infant pupils to their yard may be necessary, but for the older pupils a drop off in the yard is desirable. Working together we hope to be able to progress the reopening in as safe a manner as possible for all.

We would ask all parents to familiarise themselves with the following drop-off and collection routines for the safe delivery and collection of pupils from school. 

It is imperative that

  • adults do not come within 2m of each other
  • parents do not try to have meetings with members of staff in the playground at drop-off and collection times – meetings between parents and teachers can only take place by prior arrangement. (This may have to be more restrictive depending on guidance – it is quite possible that the recommendation will be for remote meetings/telephonic communications.)
  • as per most recent Dept. of Education guidelines, parents are not to congregate in the school yard.
  • all parents adhere to the drop-off and collection plans as outlined below

Drop-off Plan

  1. Students from First Class, Second Class, Third Class and Fourth class are to be dropped off between 9:00 and 9:10.  These students will be going to class at 9:10 and commencing their school day.
  2. Students from Junior Infants, Senior Infants, Fifth Class and Sixth class are to be dropped off between 9:10 and 9:20.

. The School Bus should be arriving shortly before 9:10 so as to facilitate the above. Parents with children in both drop off may do likewise.

Late arrival:

If a child arrives late he/she is to go to the external door of their classroom for entry. The classes will be entering and exiting the building via these doors for the foreseeable so they will know where to go if necessary.

Collection Plan

  1. Students from First Class, Second Class, Third Class and Fourth class are to be collected at 2:50.
  2. Students from Fifth Class and Sixth class are to be collected at 3:00.

Infants are to be collected at 2:00 

If a parent needs to collect a child at a time other than the above, please inform the school in advance and collect the child from their classroom’s external door.