The Health Promoting Schools Committee has gone from strength to strength in its ten years. All of the staff members help out, but it couldn’t be done without the help of the parents on the committee and the student volunteers. We thank all our parents for their help with events run as part of the HPS.

The non-staff members of the HPS committee are:
Eoghan Brennan, Ayla O’ Sullivan and Brian McCullagh (students);
Charmaine Broderick, Veronica Finn, Mary Hurley and Geraldine O’ Halloran (parents).
Vera Pravdova will take over when Charmaine steps down later this year due to work commitments.

We like to keep busy here in Scoil Mhuire. Read on, and find out some more!

Great Outdoors & Planting: Miss Lucey’s class got their green fingers working on planting every year and even had a scarecrow to ward off any ‘hungry birds’! They look after their plants very well, and water them when necessary. Mrs Murphy brought her gardening skills to school on more than a few occasions over the year also, bringing out children from around the school to give her a hand.

Smoothie Day: Each year we hold a Smoothie Day in the school, which wouldn’t be possible only for the helping hands of the parents. The children love it every time and they get great ideas for healthy fruity drinks.

Healthy Breakfast Morning: To encourage our students to eat a healthy breakfast each morning, the Health Promoting Schools Committee also put on a feast of morning treats. These include porridge, cereal, homemade juices and brown-bread, fruit, and more. The hard-working parents make sure that everyone gets to enjoy something delicious and good for them. Apparently porridge is the new breakfast hit around Dripsey now!

Healthy Lunches Morning: This time, we asked the parents to come in for a bit of chat and information sharing on lunch ideas. They also got to try out some of the tasty treats and snacks that the ladies of the HPS had prepared with some helping hands from more willing and kind mums. The pasta went down very well, as did the brown bread and lovely cheesey nachos.

Fruit and Veg Eating Winners: We kept a close eye on how much fruit and veg was being consumed in the school this year and after careful consideration, chose the top healthy eaters in each class. They were presented with a cert, a card for their parents and a prize to encourage movement. See them with their prizes below!

Active Week: We extended our healthy activities to a week called ‘Active Schools Week’ around our Sports Day last year and this year. That week, the children walked most mornings, swam one day, did yoga a few times and also, ‘Dropped Everything and Danced’ a few times! See some pictures of their fun below…

Infants Drop Everything and Dance during Active Week

5th and 6th Drop everything and Dance during Active Schools Week

Whole school doing ‘airplane’ on yard during Active Schools Week: well-balanced!