School Tour to Dublin

5th and 6th class went to Dublin on their school tour with Mr. Sheehan and Miss O’ Regan.

We visited Dublin Zoo, the Natural History Museum (aka the “Dead Zoo”) and Leinster House.

In Dublin Zoo we saw many different animals and birds. The tiger, penguins, gorilla and hippo were firm favourites.

In the Natural History Museum the skeleton of the extinct Giant Irish Deer (with an antler span of 3.5m) was the class favourite.

Finally we were taken on a tour of Leinster House by Senator Colm Burke and saw the Dáil and the Seanad in operation. We are written into the official Seanad record as the Chairperson of the Seanad welcomed us onto our tour.

We were away from school for 14 hours and everyone had a great time.


Catholic Schools Week

Grandparents’ Mass will be held in school at 1 PM on February 3rd. All are welcome to attend.

Christmas Plays

We have been very busy recently putting on our Christmas plays. the Infants performed a Nursery Rhyme Christmas, First and Second classes performed A Wild Wild West Christmas, Third and Fourth classes performed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and fifth and sixth classes performed Alive In Wonderland.